A personal touch

The founding partners, Garry F. Carter and Peter J. Lapworth, were both Health Service trained in Clinical Chemistry.

Later they specialised in toxicology and further into occupational health monitoring.

All aspects of the services Trace Laboratories offer, from the collection of samples to methods of reporting, can be discussed and tailored to the individual clients requirements.

Blood and urine cadmium

An eye to detail

Quality Control is of paramount importance at Trace Laboratories.

Every aspect of each operation is subject to rigorous checking procedures throughout all of the administrative and clerical processes, from sample receipt to report generation.

All analytical procedures are checked and controlled by a comprehensive internal quality assurance program, employing both quality material produced within the laboratory and also purchased from external sources.

In addition the laboratory participates and performs well in the UKEQAS schemes for blood lead and cadmium assays.

We provide a range of urine testing and analysis specialising in the following urine tests:-
Chromium in Urine, Arsenic in Urine, Nickel in Urine, Cobalt in Urine, Fluoride in Urine, Selinium in Urine, Manganese in Urine, Magnesium in Urine, Siver in Urine, Vanadium in Urine, Thallium in Urine, Zinc in Urine, Copper in Urine & Lead in Urine